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Diabetic Footcare

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Diabetic Footcare

Diabetic Footcare services offered in Cypress, TX

Diabetes can cause severe damage in your feet and lower body, but diabetic foot care can reduce your risk of losing a leg by 85%. At Cypress Foot & Ankle Center in Cypress, Texas, board-certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Kunal Amin, DPM, offers well-rounded diabetic foot care to meet all of your needs. Whether you’re healthy or have a serious complication, diabetic foot care has you covered. Call the office or use the online booking link now.

Diabetic Footcare Q&A

Who needs diabetic foot care?

People with diabetes of any type (Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes) need diabetic foot care. Diabetes causes high blood sugar, which often leads to vein and nerve damage. 

The combination of these problems can lead to slow healing, infections, and skin ulcers. These issues are especially common in the feet. You already get limited blood circulating to the feet because your feet are furthest from your heart. Diabetes limits the circulation (and your ability to heal) even further. 

Severe ulcers can destroy healthy tissue and may lead to toe, foot, or limb loss. But diabetic foot care at Cypress Foot & Ankle Center offers effective strategies and treatments to help you prevent problems like foot ulcers and amputation. 

What does diabetic foot care involve?

Diabetic foot care has many facets at Cypress Foot & Ankle Center. Dr. Amin customizes your care based on your medical history, current issues, and risk factors. The main facets of diabetic foot care are:


You need to do daily foot screenings at home to look for blisters, cuts, ingrown toenails, swelling, or other foot issues.

Additionally, all people with diabetes need regularly scheduled screening appointments at Cypress Foot & Ankle Center. These appointments check your feet in detail, along with tests to assess circulation and nerve sensation.

Routine care

Routine care includes treatments that address and prevent issues. Common examples include toenail trimming, ingrown toenail removal, wound treatment, and corn and callus treatment. You might also need orthotics or diabetic shoes to protect your feet, reduce discomfort, and help you walk better.

Advanced care

If you have a serious problem like an infected foot ulcer, you need advanced wound care to prevent amputation. Wound healing includes debridement (wound cleaning and removal of dead tissue), topical dressings, antibiotics, and other specialized wound healing strategies. 

Most people need all of these types of diabetic foot care to stay healthy. 

How often do I need diabetic foot care?

If you’re currently healthy, with well-managed blood sugar and no foot issues, Dr. Amin generally recommends exams once or twice a year. You may need help with routine care, like nail trims, between those exams. If you have any other foot issues, don’t wait to call the office for help at any time.

Schedule an exam by calling Cypress Foot & Ankle Center or clicking the online booking feature now.

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